Suzhou taihu international youth hostel

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Suzhou taihu international youth hostel

Suzhou taihu international youth hostel is a youth hostel, located in the beautiful taihu lake, the core of the national tourist vacation areas. Here is close to nature, organize team training, sports, public welfare education activity in the heaven. Hotel have between parents and children, big bed rooms and many people room, can accommodate 130 people accommodation; The other is equipped with 30 conference rooms, multi-function dance studio, self-service kitchen and laundry rooms.

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Opening times

Reception :00:00:00 to 23:59:00
Check-in:after 14:00


Common room |Games room |Table tennis / ping pong |Pool table / snooker table |Playground |Wifi |Cafe / Bistro / Restaurant |Self-catering kitchen / Self catering facilities |Vending machine |Air Conditioning |Laundry Facilities |Library / Book Swap / Books corner |Basic Shop |Lockers Available |Luggage Room / Luggage storage |Smoking Area |Conference Facilities |Car Parking at Hostel |Suitable for wheelchair users / Suitable for disableds |Local market |Restaurants |National / State Park |Hiking / Walking trails |Parks / Green Area |River / Harbor / Lake |Team-Building |Cycling |Walking / Hiking |Mountain Biking |Windsurfing |Boating |Canoeing |Football |Golf |Credit cards acceptable |Convenience store nearby |Car parking nearby |

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Suzhou taihu international youth hostel

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YHA China is a registered company limited by guarantee trading as YHA whose registered office is at Room 3606, Tower A, Victory Plaza, number103 Tiyuxi Road, Guangzhou, China and referred to in these terms and conditions as 'YHA', 'we' or 'us'.

1.Room is charged on room basis; Dormitory is charged per bed booked. 

2.Member rate is applicable to hosteller(s) with valid membership card which must be presented on arrival. Those who booked for member rate without proof will be asked to pay the difference in price.

3.Some hostels operate seasonal rates. Details will be shown at the time of booking.

4.Dormitory in general is for single sex but mixed dormitory is available in some hostels. If you have concerns about dormitory arrangement, please make a note in the Remarks column.

5.Please pay attention to "until what time your booking is held" per hostel. If you anticipate late arrival or experience delay, please advise the hostel as soon as possible. Unclaimed booking of no advance notice may be released after aforementioned time.

6.Allocation of room/bed is at sole discretion of the hostel management.

7.Hosteller(s) is/are requested to check in after 1400 hrs and check out before 1200 hrs. Early check-in and late check-out may incur sub-charges.

8.Accompanied child may incur charges for extra bed/room as the hostel management sees fit. 

9.As youth hostels are established to facilitate communications of young travelers, the amenities they have to offer and self-help services they encourage are primarily intended for young people. Your chosen hotel reserves the right to adjust your booking at its discretion if a specific type of room (e.g. shared rooms) is considered inappropriate for you to stay in.

10.Your ID and a valid phone number will be requested in the booking. We therefore disclaim all liability and responsibility for any incidents (e.g. failure to check in) or losses caused to you due to false or incomplete information, neither will we consider any claim for compensation or refunds. 

11. A booking is usually held until a certain time before your arrival and it varies from hostel to hostel. Please check the hostel page for more information. In case of late arrival please inform your chosen hostel as soon as possible, as otherwise your chosen hostel reserves the right to cancel your booking. 

12. Generally, check-in begins at 14:00 and check-out is until 12:00. For any requests of an early check-in or a late check-out, an additional fee, which may vary from hostel to hostel, will be charged. Please refer to the page of your chosen hostel for more information.

13. If your chosen hostel fails to offer your confirmed accommodation, we will work with the hostel to arrange comparable rooms for you or offer you a free room upgrade. The difference in cost, the maximum of which will be equivalent to the cost of your first night's stay of the original booking, will be borne by us. If your chosen hostel fails to offer you any alternate rooms, we will help to make a booking at a comparable hotel nearby and pay the price difference, the maximum of which will be equivalent to the cost of your first night's stay of the original booking.

14.In the event that you arrive at your chosen hostel before the final check-in time and it fails to offer you any accommodation for your confirmed booking, please call YHA China on 020-87513731 or send an email to If you do not contact YHA China before choosing to stay at another accommodation, we will consider that you agree on and raise no objection to the cancellation of your booking. In this case, the price difference of your alternate accommodation shall be borne by you and the full payment of your original booking will be refunded to your original payment method within 7 business days of the date your refund request is approved.

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Add:Wuzhong district suzhou city ring 108 lake avenueMAP



Leisure and Fitness
Common room
Games room
Table tennis / ping pong
Pool table / snooker table
Internet Access
Food & Drink
Cafe / Bistro / Restaurant
Self-catering kitchen / Self catering facilities
Vending machine
Air Conditioning
Laundry Facilities
Library / Book Swap / Books corner
Basic Shop
Lockers Available
Luggage Room / Luggage storage
Smoking Area
Conference Facilities
Car Parking at Hostel
Suitable for wheelchair users / Suitable for disableds
Local Area Info
Local market
National / State Park
Hiking / Walking trails
Parks / Green Area
River / Harbor / Lake
Sports and Activities
Walking / Hiking
Mountain Biking
In-Hostel Services
Credit cards acceptable
Convenient Facilities
Convenience store nearby
Car parking nearby



大自然是孩子们成长的最好老师,而与水的亲密接触是人类智慧与大自然力量的完美结合。临湖的太湖青旅享天时地利人和,自潜水,皮划艇,水上飞机后,这个暑假,又联合鑫航体育推出帆船夏令营~~ 这次高大上的帆船夏令营,不仅炫酷洋气,安排也是足够专业哦~夏令营特色专业的教练陪护系统的教学课程健康的营养膳食干净整洁的住宿趣味的游戏竞赛每5人一艘帆船小班制授课 夏令营共八期每期6天行程行程安排第一天下午14:30至15:00签到/入营典礼,认识教练和生活老师/团队破冰分发营服/分组编队/入住青旅,分配房间晚上集


Time:2017-07-05 00:00:00.0



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