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Tina’s Youth Hostel 
(Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge) Tiger Leaping Gorge Area, Shangri-la, Diqing, Yunnan Province 
13308871952(前台) 139-8877-1688田姐  2635441148@qq.com  
Tina’s joined the YHA since 2007. We are located at the central part of the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge. With almost 30 standard room and domintary, we are the biggest and the best hostel in this area for backpackers.  
Restaurant/ Bar/ Car Renting/ Hiking advice etc.  
It is 130km away from the Lijiang airport. It is 120km away from the Diqian airport.
From Lijiang: 1.There is 1 scheduled bus from Lijiang to Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge every day (RMB55) 。It starts at 07:30 from the Police Station Terminal at the North Gate of Lijiang. (The Terminal is 200M away from Lao Shay Youth Hostel). Please book the seat a day in advance and the phone number is 18760880888. Or you could book the ticket at Lao Shay Hostel. 2. You could also take the scheduled bus from Lijiang to Qiao Tou. Please call 139-8877-1688 after you get off and we will arrange the pick up. 3. You could also rent a car from Qiao Tou to Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge. From Shangri-la: 1. There are quite a number of scheduled buses to Lijiang. You could get off at Qiao Tou and call us at 139-8877-1688 in advance. We will arrange the pick up service. 2. You could also rent a car at Shangri-la to Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge. 3. You could also start trekking from Qiao Tou and it is the famous trekking route. You can choose from the mountain path which takes you around 7 hours or the high way which takes you around 5 hours to reach us. From Bai Shui Tai: There is 1 scheduled bus from Bai Shui Tai to Lijiang. It leaves the terminals at 7:30am and it reaches us at around 11am..
If you come from Dagu (Or YuLong Snow Mountain), you have to cross the GinSha River and walk for 16km to reach us. Or you could call us and we will pick you up at the pier.


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