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Mohe BeiBei International Youth Hostel 
West Mohe County County Greater Khingan Range area of Heilongjiang province Ji Town area seven 
13845769790  3185419935@qq.com 
13845769891  165300 
Mohe County North Hotel, is the most economic County Youth hostel. Backpackers, tour pal, Mohe County to find a preferred place north of tourist accommodation. And come to Mohe County for all plan friends provide travel, accommodation, catering, tourism chartered, together, carpool services. The hostel opened in 2012 October, the shop has a standard room, common room, and characteristics of the Northeast Kang, leisure bar, restaurant, barbecue buffet, and other recreational facilities. Leisure area with large screen LCD TV is a good place to drink all kinds of fans, watching the ball, carnival. Hostel hospital with all kinds of vegetables is to eat freshly plucked, no chemical fertilizers, no pesticide, hormone-free natural green food, let your leisure entertainment at the same time, the taste of authentic farmhouse dishes. The hostel is located in Mohe County County in the seven District, 87 years 5.6 fires (West) Germany built houses, the tourism real, unique style farmhouse courtyard, let you feel the city far away from noisy quiet. The hostel by International Youth Hostel platform, do a formal management, warm and thoughtful service, room and board NNE hostel guarantees you travel in Mohe County to find the same feeling, to provide you with a full range of help. The house from the Tolo ridge primitive Forest Park 80 meters, 5.6 fire Memorial Hall 150 meters, the river leisure square 30 meters, is a good place for a walk after dinner. Came to the Mohe County problem, have difficulty in need of help please contact us 13904571903, telephone: 0457--2886933 
We can offer you, 1: Zhong Didang rooms, summer free parking garage, warm winter, we charge you very little heating costs. 2: together, fight together with the tour pal. 3: provide tour and guide service. 4: Chinese restaurant service. 5: the rental tents, bicycle rental service, is lower than the local market price. 6: we provide all-purpose card reader, to meet your different needs of the camera. 7: self-service laundry and kitchen, only charge the cost price. 8: (provide self-service barbecue barbecue utensils, material only for cost). 
The plane can be directly hit a taxi to come into my house, time is 15 minutes. Note: this house is also responsible for the airport taxi fees charged by half, 13845769790
The arrival of Mohe County train k7041 to Mohe County time 15:55; N6245 to 8:58 Mohe County time; the 2667 train to Mohe County time 21:22, the taxi arrived at my house, time is 10 minutes. Note: the shekel is responsible for answering the train to charge a taxi at half the cost, more than 5 people (including 5) free train. 13845769790
A taxi passenger station of Mohe County arrived at the house about 5 minutes. Do 1 Road 2 road bus to get to the house.


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