【Linzhou Red Flag Canal International Youth Hostel】
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Linzhou Red Flag Canal International Youth Hostel 
Linzhou Hongqiqu Avenue Road south western part of the aviation park  
0372-6785656  hqqyha@126.com 
0372-6858118  456550 
The Red Flag Canal International Youth Hostel is located in Linzhou which is in the foot of Taihang Mountain. This place is really famous for “The world’s eighth miracle ” --Hongqiqu. In here, you can relax yourself by having a walk in mountain and you can also enjoy an exciting climbing or an exploration in valley. What’s more, the Linzhou International Gliding Base can provide you with a great experience in sky by paragliding or flying a helicopter. The hostel is surrounded by a great number of hawthorn trees and there is constant temperature swimming poor just beside our hostel. When it comes to the beautiful scenery of four seasons, it is vigorous in the spring; green and fresh in the summer; golden in the autumn and silent in the winter. You won’t feel boring in our hostel since we have all kinds of interesting parties and amazing friends from difference places. Anyone loves life is very welcomed in Hongqi-Canal hostel. 
About 255 km from Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport; take the airport bus line 5 arrived in Zhengzhou East Station High Speed Rail station about 1 hour; Zhengzhou East Railway Station High Speed Rail to Anyang East Railway Station (second seat 80.5 yuan, first-class seat 129.5 yuan);
Linzhou city is a popular tourist hot at any time carpooling from the train station to Linzhou Anyang, about 20 yuan.
Linzhou car south or north station - a taxi to this hostel is 25 yuan (aviation park) for about 15-20 minutes


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