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Residential Low Carbon Living Experience
2011-07-11    Author:Camellia YH    Source of information:Camellia YH    Page views:6465

A group of participants, largely under the age of 30, from all walks of life took part in a residential low carbon living experience course held last week. The event was organized by Camellia Youth Hostel (Best of the Best project of YHA China) and sponsored by British Consulate-General, Chongqing. The program was also assisted by Leyi Youth Centre and Green Kunming.


Social Gathering  




This event covered a wide range of interesting activities, some of them were challenging in physical term and the others needed certain degree of thinking and creativity. In addition, sustainable development was the key issue in the program by means of discussion and learning by example and experience.

The youth hostel was used as a base to illustrate how we could live in a sustainable way by means of reducing, reusing and recycling our daily consumables. The hostel is renovated in such a way that over 30% of the materials used are recyclable. Natural lights and solar energy are also widely adopted in its operation and running.

Green Home Audit Report Rehearsal

Talent Show Soap Making

 During the stay, participants saw, felt and talked about how we could have a low carbon living without employing hi-tech system or grand investment. They were involved in all sorts of interactive activities such as completing in crashing dried eggshells as organic fertilizer and learnt how to make soap by wasted oil from kitchen. Role plays were performed to show how saving can be made in conservation of the environment.


Environmentally Creative Production

The final part of the program was a full day outing in the wilderness. Participants were guided to appreciate the inter-relationship between human and nature and were given an opportunity to share their feeling with other fellowmen.

Nature Experience

Two social workers from Xichun Province said after the event that the program was not just showing how “every small drop counts” in sustainability, it also brought them back to nature and recharged their battery.

Another young man from Guangdong Province is a member of World Wild Fund. He was somewhat negative in conservation work and sustainability in China at the beginning but the group dynamic in this program changed his mind and made him rethink the whole issue with a new dimension.

A young executive working in computer industry seconded to Yunnan expressed his change of mind after this course. He became more aware of the importance of being environmentally responsible. He is now refusing the use of disposal item wherever possible.



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