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Dialogue with Professor Isidor Wallimann
2011-11-16    Author:Camellia Youth Hoste    Source of information:Camellia Youth Hoste    Page views:6594

Dialogue with Professor Isidor Wallimann:


Dr. Wallimann has written or edited numerous books in English and German, often with colleague Michael Dobkowski, including The Coming Age of Scarcity: Preventing Mass Death and Genocide in the Twenty-First Century; Genocide and the Modern Age; On the Edge of Scarcity: Environment, Resources, Population, Sustainability, and Conflict; Research in Inequality and Social Conflict; and Estrangement: Marx's Conception of Human Nature and the Division of Labor. Dr. Wallimann is president of the Social Economy Association and Network Cooperative Basel and serves on the board of Future Without Poverty, Inc. Recently retired from the University of Freiberg in Switzerland and the University of Applied Sciences Northwest Switzerland, he has been a visiting professor at universities in the United States, China, and Taiwan. He has lectured around the world and served the Swiss National Science Foundation as an expert for social policy research programs.

He will present an interested topic as above in the evening on 25th November, 2011. Those who are interested to attend please call 0871 8374638, 8374639 for reservation.

Organizers: Camellia Youth Hostel and Loyi Youth Centre 
Venue: 96 Dong Feng Dong Rd, Kunming
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Language: English/Chinese

The Social Economy Network Cooperative and its mission

The Social Economy Network Cooperative Basel is a local and regional social movement organization to promote social and ecological sustainability. As such, it is also critical of globalization as presently practiced by the capitalist world market system. Therefore, it issues the BNB as an alternative currency to promote local and regional exchange patterns promoting local economic wellbeing while simultaneously enhancing social and ecological sustainability. However, the network is also otherwise engaged on several fronts relevant to social and ecological sustainability.

The Social Economy Network Cooperative Basel is a democratic network in which each member organization has one vote. In turn, membership is confined to democratic organizations that adhere to the one vote per member rule. All member organizations must also subscribe to the tenets of social and ecological sustainability. Membership organizations may be not-for-profit civil society associations or consumer and producer cooperatives. The latter must demonstrate that membership decides (by the one member one vote principle) on all questions pertaining to the hiring and firing of workers, and to the use of economic surpluses. In sum, the Social Economy Network Cooperative Basel is a democratic network composed of democratic organizations to ensure the democratic control of its alternative currency and to foster economic democracy in general. 




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