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Guangzhou (Canton), Guilin (Kweilin) & Yangshuo, Shanghai, Beijing (Peking) (9 days)
This tour covers three most important cities and one of the most spectacular sceneries in China.

Guangzhou was the starting point of silk road of the sea and today the southern gateway of China. Few realize that 2,800 years ago it was already a destination for traders, from Southeast Asia, India, Arabia and even Ancient Rome.

Guilin & Yangshuo have been attracting and astonishing visitors for many centuries, it has also been the inspiration for classical Chinese landscapes of fantastic-shaped peaks, studded with pines and small pavilions.

The Li River tour between Guilin and Yangshuo is something that no one should miss. The journey is so photogenic and seems to stretch forever like a Chinese scroll painting. Everyone enjoys the relaxed atmosphere in this small town Yangzhuo.

Shanghai was known as the  Paris of the Orient and an international adventurer s paradise in the 1920s and 1930s. Shanghai is a new city by Chinese standards but is one of the most legendary cities in the recent Chinese history. It is said that  Shanghaiese wouldn t live anywhere else in China. He (or she) is conscious of being special, more sophisticated and quick-witted, better off, better dressed and maybe better looking than other Chinese.

As evidenced by the 300,000 year old remains of Peking Man, the site of today s capital has been inhabited since prehistoric times, but it was ironic that Beijing first became a capital of the Mongols who stormed down from the north in the 12th Century.

Visiting the Great Wall, the Ming Tomb, the Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and the Forbidden City will give participants an indisputable majesty of Chinese architecture as well as the imperial history of a few important dynasties in the old days.

Day 1 Meet at Guangzhuo Rail station (There are regular through trains from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. The journey takes about 2 hours). Transfer to hostel. Visit Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Chen Family Ancestors Hall.

Day 2 Fly to Guilin, transfer to hostel, visit Fu Bo Hill

Day 3 Cruise at Li Jiang ( Li River), free for visiting old streets and nearby villages in Yangshou

Day 4 Coach to Guilin, visit Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill, Fly to Shanghai

Day 5 Visit Yu Garden, the Bund, Pu Dong new development, Nanjing Road

Day 6 Fly to Beijing, transfer to hostel, visit Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven

Day 7 Visit the Great Wall, Ming Tomb

Day 8 Summer Palace, Forbidden City

Day 9 After breakfast, free activities or transfer to airport if so wished.  


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