YHA-ISIC co-brands membership

Single year membership allows you to enjoy the benefits of our membership for up to 12 months.

If you’re a full-time student at school, college or university and aged 12 or over, you can apply for a 12-month YHA-ISIC co-brands membership with YHA China. YHA & ISIC offers both virtual and plastic cards, allowing students around the world to instantly prove their official student status and access over 150,000 student discounts and offers worldwide.

About Youth Hostel Associations (YHA) Membership

Youth Hostel Associations (YHA) Membership card not only opens the door to the world’s largest network of safe, clean and welcoming hostels, but in many  YHA and Hostelling International hostelss, being a member now gives you at least a 10% saving on the cost of your accommodation - just one of the great reasons to become a member!

In some countries membership is compulsory if you wish to stay in  YHA and Hostelling International hostelss listed on this site. To find out what is applicable in the country you wish to visit, please refer to the table below.

Apart from cheaper accommodation in many of our 4,000 hostels worldwide, membership also gives you access to thousands of travel-related savings at home and abroad. Please check locally with your  YHA and Hostelling International hostels on arrival for details of these great benefits which can include; reduced-price admission to attractions and museums, discounts on meals, transportation and lots more.

Whatever your budget, membership helps you to explore  - backpack across Europe, discover Down Under, dance to Latin rhythms, chill out on an idyllic Asian beach or simply 'Discover the real hostel experience' in one of our unique hostels worldwide.

About International Student Identity Card (ISIC ) Membership

From travel and cultural exchange card in 1953, ISIC developed to be a truly student ‘lifestyle’ card, offering benefits & discounts in all aspects of student life

42,000+ benefits & discounts relevant to students worldwide

125,000+ benefit & discount locations worldwide

Requirements for issuing:

1.Passport style photo (front facing head and shoulders)

2.Image/Scanned copy of proof of identity (ID or Passport)

3.Confirmation of study less than 2 months old

Membership cards will be issued immediately to members applying for membership in person. For online application method, the membership card will be sent by post to the member’s correspondence address within 3 working days.

Membership fee

Single year  YHA-ISIC Joint membership   CNY 108

Membership expires on the last day of the membership card issuing month.

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