【Beijing Zhao Long Youth Hostel】
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Beijing Zhao Long Youth Hostel 
No. 2 Gongti Road North, Chaoyang District, Beijing 
010-65972666  voller-lee@sohu.com 
010-65972111  100027 
Zhao Long Youth Hostel is located by Beijing Sanhuan East Changhong Bridge, faced to the embassy area, next to the bar street. It is convienent to walk from the hostel to the Stadium, Chaoyang Park and Yansha Shopping Mall.  
Cafeteria, reading room, game room, laundry, air-con, 24-hour hot water, gym. 
25 km from Beijing International Airport. Take the coach from airport, and get off at Beijing Zhaolong Hotel.
5 km from Beijing Station, 12 km from Beijing West Station.
Take a No. 703, 403, 120, 113 or 701 to Tuanjie Lake or Zhaolong Hotel.
Get off the ferry at Tanggu Port, and take a taxi to the railway station and take the bus.
Get off the subway at East Sishi Tiao, transfer to No. 115 bus and get off at Zhaolong Hotel.


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